I recently came across a post on LinkedIn with a link  (my apologies to the guy who posted this ’cause I can no longer find his link) to a great You Tube video showing how to make a light box

and as my vacuum cleaner had recently given up the battle with the Spaniel fur, I had in my possession a large box which was going to sit around until I could get to the tip. So in the spirit of Blue Peter I decided to have a go….

1. mark and cut out squares from 3 of the sides

Light Box 1

2. tape over the spaces panels of glassine or tissue paper

Light Box 2

3. cut a long strip of glassine paper and pin into the top edge of the box to create an infinity edge

Light Box 3

Not as pretty as their version but the beauty of this design for me is that it folds down flat – perfect as I am always short of space!

Light Box 4




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