I am a Tour Maker!

So I made it to Elland Road for my 4pm Role Specific Training session yesterday. As a Rugby League fan I will never get used to going to a Football ground!

First of all I registered and picked up my Supervisor folder with my route maps. The training manual and workbook where on the seats for everyone to pick up.

Training Material

Supervisor Folder and Training Books

The Introductory session consisted of videos with thanks for volunteering and an outline of our role. This lasted about 40 minutes. The group of about 800 of us was then separated into two different rooms depending whether we had an on route or off route role on the day.

The real training started!

The on route training included how to wave a flag correctly for obstacles and how to man a barrier road crossing. The role plays proved the gender difference really does exist and men just don’t know how to put on a tabard!?

At the end of this session the Supervisors were asked to stay back for additional training. This consisted of explaining our role and responsibilities on the day and how we fitted into the chain of command. We also had the route maps and deployment of our team along the route explained. The session finished with a test run on the radios before we could get our hands on the prized uniform, individually packed for us:

Tour Maker Label

My Tour Maker Uniform Label

I have to say the labels made me feel a bit special!

Tour Maker Uniform

My Tour Maker Uniform

Tour Maker Hat and Bag

My Tour Maker Hat and Bag

It was all pretty much common sense but was good to meet some of the other volunteers. It also put into perspective just how many volunteers are involved and what a logistical nightmare it must be for the organising team with so many things not determined until the day. So a big thank you to every single one of them for all their effort from this Happy to Help Tour Maker! I am sure it will be a fantastic day even if I do need the brolly – although I would feel a total idiot with a brolly in the middle of  Grinton Moor!

Yep I am excited! Very, very excited!



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