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Shop for ‘one of a kind’ handmade items

by ItchyFingersLynny on Etsy


From a very early age I have been interested in handicrafts.  I can’t actually remember my mum teaching me to knit just that I always could.  I do remember making her learn to crochet one summer holiday so she could show me as I was too young to understand the diagrams. Whilst researching my family tree I discovered I come from a family of tailors and embroiderers in

Over the years I have taken every opportunity to learn a new craft including:

  • tatting
  • millinery
  • bobbin lace
  • corn dollies
  • upholstery
  • cane weaving

anything I could get my hands on.

Now I have taken the next step and opened an Etsy shop – ItchyFingersLynny

All of my items are individually hand crafted by myself. Many items are crafted from natural materials which carry their own wonderful variations and imperfections.

I love the individuality and uniqueness inherent in handmade items.

 Items currently for sale include:


  • scarves to brighten up an outfit


  • flower brooches as a decoration for scarves or headbands
  • scarves to keep out the cold
  • pin trays for your keys or jewellery

Traditional Straw work and Corn Dollies

  • corn maidens perfect for Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival displays
  • corn dollies great as a house warming present
  • straw woven hearts for a different Valentine gift
  • straw favours as a good luck gift for new-borns
  • straw horse shoes as a wedding favour

I would love for you to take the time to browse and let me know what you think!


Lynn and K the spaniel K Paw


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